Living room with open kitchen and a dining corner

Living room with a kitchen and a dining corner is a real challenge everything has to be well planned and thought out so that komponowało into one coherent whole. White high gloss and says, "olive" with expressive grain and shy red accent appears in each of the three sites of the interior. In the living room a large, soft and comfortable corner, is a great place to relax after a hard day's work.    Dinette in the living room. Place the common meals for the whole family of four. He was to be comfortable on a daily basis, but also on special occasions with the possibility of doing more visitors, so it came out table. The table was set into a large spacious wardrobe, so important in every home.    Modern minimalist kitchen open to the living room. Fronts made of white high-gloss lacquer, bold design combined with the natural grain of the album "olive", combine with the aluminum slat handles, granite countertops and gray lacobel'em on the wall. Investors wanted a sleek, contemporary kitchen, with functional solutions to facilitate and daily work and storage in the kitchen. Large spacious drawers, worktop space comfortable and high pantry cargo, and retractable basket to corner cabinet. Kitchen fulfilled the high expectations not only aesthetic but also functional posed by customers.

Kitchen is 11.5 m2.